I welcome all piano fans to my website!

Let me tell you briefly about myself and my musical family.

My name is Volodymyr Slakva. I am a professional classical pianist and piano teacher.

On this website you can buy tickets for my concerts directly.

One of the main things I do in my life is teaching, including online. I have many students all over the world. Both professionals and amateurs.

I have also been recording video courses on piano for many years. As of today, I have 9 courses completely ready. Plus two I started recently. And there are several more in the pipeline.

The courses are recorded in Ukrainian, but I have already started rewriting them in English. 

My children, Tymofii and Nikita, also know how to play the piano. Although they have never studied music anywhere except with their father.

The eldest, Tim, who is 16, studies music more professional. He constantly plays solo concerts with me. Recently, he performed Edvard Grieg's Concerto in A minor in three movements with the orchestra.

The youngest, Nikita, is 12 years old. He dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and trains hard. But sometimes he enjoys to play the piano. He also helps me with my video work - recording lessons and performances.