Piano exercise for beginners

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Continuing the theme of third fingers, which I call bridges.

Why do I call this exercise “Echo”?

Let's play a certain rhythmic sequence. And now for the fun part! While I hold the last sound, I repeat this melody to myself. At the same time, I listen to the long sound on the piano, the melody to myself, the real sound again, and the repetition to myself.

And one more important point. While the long note is being stretched, my arms go forward a little, bringing my body weight to the hand placement. The hands, while doing this, are completely free.

Also note that I am not afraid to play between black keys. I do not take my hands out to the white keys, but step from key to key exactly between the black keys.

For both hands

In the previous exercise we were slipping on the white keys, because we had a completely different task - to play the farschlag actively and freely. Here, on the contrary, we need a smooth and singsongy sound, with minimal hand movement.

While playing, don't be afraid to touch other keys with your other fingers. This gives a good connection to the instrument and frees us up. Both physically and psychologically.

Also remember to keep your hands together in a bundle. As a reminder, fingers should not stick out while playing. The hands are very collected.

You can see how many tasks need to be performed while playing the seemingly simple exercise. But if you follow all my recommendations, you will learn to get high while playing the piano. You'll be able to enjoy it.

And further all these in principles will transfer to all musical works. If you learn to listen to yourself correctly and extract sounds from the piano, you will easily cope with a piece of any complexity. At the same time really enjoying playing and pleasing the listener.

We will make this exercise a little more difficult in the next lesson by building a diminished septacord from these sounds. 

See you in the next lesson!

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