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Hello, everyone! Today we begin a superb course by Charles-Louis Hanon, which I think every pianist should take. Both amateur and professional. Because these exercises are the technical base of any pianist.

It is very important to play these exercises correctly. That's what we will do in this course.

I'll play the first exercise.

This is not the fastest tempo. You can play faster if the mechanics of the piano allow it. Now I will tell you the secret of free hands and good technique. I ask you to concentrate now not on my fingers, but on my wrists.

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When playing the piano, our wrists are always making hidden, almost invisible, movements. What are these movements? And why do we call the movements eyes? It's very simple. When we start to play from the pinky finger, the wrist draws an overhead arc.

And when we start with the thumb, it draws a lower arc. We end up with a fully drawn eye. ( playing ) Look carefully at the wrist again. ( I play and show ). The top half of the eye. Lower half.

All the same when playing with the right hand. But here we start with the first finger, so we draw the lower arc first. And then, going back from the pinky finger, we finish the upper one. Now let's try it with both hands.

One eye is ready. Because the left hand has already drawn the top of the eye and the right hand the bottom. Now go back and draw the second eye. And so on. These extra hand movements help us to transfer the weight of the hands and the whole body into the keyboard and the sound.

And also to loosen up not only physically, but also emotionally and psychologically. And also to concentrate on the sound. At a fast pace, these movements become almost invisible.

That is, we are already drawing small eyes. But still these movements remain always, no matter what you play. I will tell you about other hidden hand movements in the following exercises! Bye!

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