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In the second exercise, besides drawing the eyes, we'll talk about the key point of all music. Namely, thinking from the second note rather than the first.

To do this, we'll use a method of drill with stops on the first sixteenths. Let's call this method relax fermata.

It's very important that we play the first note without accent. It's even a little softer than the others. Even though it's called a strong lobe. Because it is strong in time, but not physically.  Also, you can't be late for the first lobe, you can't delay it.

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After pressing it, we relax our hands completely. They should be loose, like rags. And after relaxing, we put a little bit of weight on the hand placement. Thus creating a good contact with the instrument, and at the same time including ourselves in the sound. There's a natural concentration on the sound.

Starting with the second note, we play the second, third and fourth sixteenths more actively. They are all a little different from each other, but more active than the first. On the next first one, we relax our hands again. And so on.

It's very important to always think from the second sixteenth, not the first. Even when you're playing smoothly, without stopping. Two, three, four, one. Not One - two - three - four. This is the key to free and natural playing at the piano.

This principle remains always and everywhere. 

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