Memorizing sheet music

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Hello everyone, in the last lesson I showed you how to memorize music notes

fast. Today I will show you how you can consolidate this learning. I'm going to show you some excellent methods of memorization that will make you know the music notes ironclad!

So, we play the first bar of a piece of music on the keyboard as usual. But then, we don't play the second measure, we visualize it in our mind. We play the third bar again on the keyboard. And then we visualize the fourth bar again.

It turns out that all odd bars we play, and all even bars we sing by inner hearing to ourselves.

( Showing at the piano )

So we learn the whole piece or a part of it.

And then, as you might have guessed, we do the opposite. We imagine the odd-numbered bars and play the even-numbered bars.

( Playing )

After that, you can try to sing the whole piece in your mind, without the piano. If you succeed, it means that you already know the notes of the piece very well from memory. And it will not be difficult for you to play it from beginning to end on the keyboard.

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