How to live together

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A very challenging and relevant question. I will consider the topic first from the pianist's point of view, and then vice versa.

I think pianists fall into two categories:

1) Those who think they have the right! ( the majority ).
2) Those who are worried about it.

There are other options.

For example, a person does not want to disturb the neighbors, but "it is necessary to study". Or someone pretends that he does not care, but in fact he is worried about it.

And how can you not worry when you are constantly banging on the radiators?

How do you play the piano without disturbing anyone?

I propose, for the sake of clarity, to focus on numbers 1 and 2. Let me say right away that I am certainly one of those pianists who worry about their neighbors.

To be as honest as possible, when I was a teenager, I didn't consider my neighbors very much.

I realize now that I was wrong and that it is useless to feel sorry. Therefore, I propose to discuss such a vital topic and look for options to solve this problem.

The first option is a digital instrument. It's like turning on headphones, or just turn down the volume, and play as much as you want.

But, as practice shows, when you play digital instruments you can hear the clatter of the keys quite strongly. And, if you decide to muse at night, and also play technically difficult works, then, most likely, the knocking of the keys will be heard by your neighbors.

Until then, you can pretend it's nothing to do with you. To be on the safe side, you can even complain to your neighbors that someone is doing repairs at night. See if it's disturbing your buddies.

Although, the neighbors may not have paid attention to the light tapping. After all, it would seem to be commonplace.) But now they might start to listen, and it'll look like you gave yourself away.

Let's agree that the option with a digital piano does not solve the problem 100%. Especially since everyone has a digital instrument at home.

I have a separate article about which instrument to choose.


If you have an acoustic piano

The second option is soundproofing. Here, too, you don't have to explain much. If you have the desire and, most importantly, the opportunity to make good soundproofing at home, at least in the room where the piano is located, you will not have any problems with your neighbors!

But.. When you begin to seriously deal with this issue, it turns out that it's not all that simple. The fact that soundproofing is not cheap is understandable. But there are other factors that raise doubts.

Soundproofing takes up space, the room becomes smaller. If you don't do it professionally, it may not solve the problem, or it may solve it partially.

I, for example, bought a gorgeous Persian rug for the entire wall that separates my apartment from my neighbor's apartment. It's got a density of 3 million something. Anyone who's ever brought it up will know what I'm talking about.

Not only that, but I put the same carpet on the floor of practically the whole room. The bedroom, where the piano is, is small. Under the legs of the piano I additionally put a cut rubber mat with a very dense pile under the rubber.

What do you think? After all these manipulations, the neighbor on the side, who for several years has not complained once (mostly interfered with the neighbors below), began to say that it became much worse.

No, I'm not lying to you. I just haven't had time to tell you the fact that before all these manipulations, I bought a new Yamaha U1J acoustic instrument, which is quite sonorous.

But, so that you don't think I'm messing with your head, I'll make it clear that the second instrument was also left in the room. I tried playing it too, and my neighbor said it was very loud too.

So the carpets didn't help at all. Probably the sound is coming to it more through the floor or ceiling.

Number three, a private house. I don't think anyone would buy a house to play music in. But those who already live in a private home and like to play the piano are certainly lucky. You just need to find out who and how much your relatives are sensitive to piano sounds and adjust to them.

Which piano to choose

Then you start to have more complicated options. Let's say your loved ones are not too annoyed by your hobby and you can plan your day with your family so as not to disturb anyone. But what to do with neighbors?

After all, most people live in panel houses. Or, as many joke, in the panel - slotted.

There is still no unambiguous answer to this question, otherwise there would not be this eternal problem. But, of course, you can try to do something.

I am sure that, first of all, you should try to do everything humanely, no matter how good or bad your neighbors were not. Never play for evil. Never spit on the requests or even demands of your neighbors.

If you are asked not to play at such and such a time, try not to play. If someone - someone can not fall asleep child, you can make a pause in the activities. Even perfectly well, while realizing that you prevent sleep you are more the mother of the child.

In the meantime, watch videos - piano courses to learn to play the piano correctly.

So what do we do?

I will not describe all the possible options, I am sure that you know them very well yourself. I will only point out that I am not characterless and soft-hearted at all, and, if necessary, I can put a boor in his place. But are the neighbors boorish in this case?

And if someone really doesn't like the sound of the piano? Are you surprised that a professional musician says so? But you know very well that he's telling the truth.

The law is law, you have the right to play from morning till night, but why should we spoil the relations with our neighbors when they are often strained?!

And even if you slam the door and build everyone up, can you then completely relax and practice normally? I think not.

Unnecessary thoughts will be non-stop in your head, and the musical image will be obscured by the image of incomprehensible neighbors. It's better to restrain yourself once and then practice for fun.

I do not think that the neighbors will take advantage of your pliability and try to ban you from playing at all. You can always find a compromise. We are all human beings.

Good luck to you and good relations in the community!

Volodymyr Slakva, online piano teacher
You can also reach me on WhatsApp
Phone number: (+46) 0737820497

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