Which type of piano is best

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This is a question that concerns many musicians.

Nowadays there are different points of view on this matter. Some argue that you should study exclusively on classical pianos or grand pianos, arguing that if you don't "adjust" the contact with the instrument from childhood, it will come back to you many times in the future.

There is a point of view that digital instruments lack "live" sound, intonation, that they, simply put, have no soul. Others, on the contrary, are very happy with digital pianos: "They are much more compact, they have a wonderful sound and many interesting functions.

About the difference in touch, of course I agree, but: who says we are now going to amicably train our children to be professional pianists? Or prepare to perform on the big stage ourselves? For example, in China, according to statistics, there are 20 million pianists today...! That's 20 million, there's no typo.

In the former CIS countries there are also enough of them, believe me, and talented, and brilliant and congenial too. Pianists have flooded the whole planet!!! A joke, of course, but still, I would advise you to think carefully before going along with well-meaning educators and dedicating your children's lives to the service of art.

Why not just make music for your own pleasure? For your own development? To make our lives and the lives of our children brighter and more colorful? In this case it doesn't matter what touch we get used to, it's worth at least considering the fact that digital pianos, thanks mainly to their compactness, are increasingly gaining market share.

I can guarantee you that in 6 cases out of 10, and in a few years in 9 out of 10, when you come to visit friends or relatives and give in to requests to "play something", you will have to test your skills on a digital instrument. So what touch should we get used to?

I will say this about the "live" timbre of the sound: it is a million times better to practice on a digital instrument of a good company than on an old distressed "Ukraine". I can't help revealing this secret to you, for all my indignant patriotism.

Now let's talk about the obvious pros of digital tools:
1 - compactness.
2 - great sound
3 - built-in metronome
4 - recording function, USB, etc.
5 - possibility to set the sounds of different instruments (harpsichord, organ, vocals, etc.).
6 - volume control
7 - headphone jack!!!!!
8 - recordings of popular classical and jazz melodies in excellent quality.

Believe me, you and especially your children will have much more fun practicing on such modern and well-equipped instruments than on conventional pianos.

I would like to make it clear that I am in no way associated with the sale of digital instruments, have no percentage of sales and never refer my students to specific individuals or manufacturers, and that this is my purely objective assessment.

I have both a classical piano and a synthesizer at home. I study mainly on the classical one, but I would like to clarify once again that this is my profession, which I have been practicing almost all my conscious life and I do it professionally! I bought a synthesizer for my child a few years ago, by the way.

To summarize my reasoning: if you are practicing piano for yourself, neither participating in international competitions, nor having a constant touring life, nor dreaming of becoming a great pianist, there is no difference in principle between you and your child. The main thing is that you and your children should really enjoy the process.

Over the years, I have had many students, both adults and children, who, after practicing on digital instruments at home, immediately switched to classical pianos and pianos in class, and vice versa.

I have a student who, after practicing at home on the same digital piano for a year, performed well at a concert on a classical professional Steinway & Sons grand piano after practicing it only 2 times.

Wishing you the realization of your dreams and fabulous inspiration!

Sincerely yours
Volodymyr Slakva, online piano teacher
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