Piano exercises for both hands

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You can practice this exercise both ways.

Here we have a very simple piano exercise. We're just sliding with our middle finger from the black keys to the white keys. First we are practicing with only one hand. Then we are doing the same exercise using the other hand. And then we are putting our hands together.

What nuances you should really pay attention to? First, you don't need to curl your fingers. Open your hand before playing a note. And only then, while pressing the key, you kind of put your hand in a bit of a bundle.

Secondly, there are not only fingers playing. I use all of my arm weight while pressing the key. Or I would even say all of my body weight. It's impossible to see, but it's true.

I'm telling you my motions as I press the keys. If you want to play the piano easily and freely you have to use all of your body weight, not only your fingers. There is no power in your fingers without body weight.

Finally, you need to understand that the first black key is stronger and louder than the second white one. The second white one is like a strong beat in terms of timing.

But we always thinking leading up from the weak beat. And so the weaker one is more expressive, and on the strong beat we kind of relax the hand a little bit.
But when we relax, our hands continue to draw arcs, thereby transferring the weight to the fingers. The same way all ornaments in classical music and jazz are played.

You can practice this exercise both ways.

The main idea of this exercise that the our third fingers are like bridges. They have to be very steady, helping us to keep the same hand position. And of course you must always listen very carefully to what you are playing. As well as, of course, thinking about all of these correct movements.

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