Pianist Scriabin

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Alexander Scriabin. I think you can classify him as a 20th century pianist. Even some of his recordings have survived. I listened to two of his etudes in my own performance. It's magnificent. The rubato, the sweep, the sound!

Saw the tonalities in colors. The first person in history to use light music.Scriabin's youthful idols were Liszt and Chopin.

Scriabin's primary musical education was given by his mother, who graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory. And about whom, as an insanely talented pianist, P. I. Tchaikovsky spoke enthusiastically!

Alexander Scriabin studied at the conservatory with Sofonov and Arensky. And before that, studying, according to family tradition, in the cadet corps, he took private lessons from Zverev himself (teacher of Ziloti and Rachmaninoff).

It's interesting that Scriabin was expelled from Arensky's class for failing..

How Scriabin overplayed his hand

After conservatory, Alexander Scriabin began a successful career as a concert pianist. But he soon overplayed his right hand. and was forced to give up for a while.

For his overplayed right hand, by the way, he could thank Balakirev personally. Who composed a stunning piece called "Islamey".

He was married to a pianist who bore him three daughters.
The second of them, Elena, would later become the wife of one of the best Soviet pianists, Vladimir Sofronitsky (included in our top ten ranking).

It is Sofronitsky who is still rightly considered the best performer of Alexander Scriabin's works.

He dreamed of staging a "Mystery". A grandiose combination of sounds, dances, smells, colors and sounding architecture..!

Rachmaninoff or Scriabin?

At the beginning of the 20th century there were such pianists as Rachmanists and Scriabinists.

The former were characterized by a very stormy and heavy style of performance. The latter were refined and elegant.

Alexander Scriabin died of blood poisoning. As Svyatoslav Richter said in the movie "Enigma": whoever is afraid of what, he will die of it.

Scriabin was very afraid of blood poisoning all his life.

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