Listen to yourself very carefully

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The favorite phrase of my professor, from whom I graduated from the conservatory (Prof. Kozlov V.O.) - "Sharper than a fingertip!" And he is absolutely right.

But! In no case it is necessary to fixate on fingers or their tips. I formulate the simplest formula: the more time you spend daily at the instrument, the sharper your fingertips will be.

That's it. Quantity into quality. But we face a different situation on a daily basis.

Pianists, who are not trained in elementary (universal) piano playing techniques, try to perform the most complicated (with the simplest ones, in principle, the same story, but there it becomes even more frustrating, because the pianist, who has been studying piano for 20 years, can't connect two notes well) piano pieces.

Bottom line: cramped hands, closed ears, superficial sound and a questionable image.

How to play the piano

So what to do?

The answer is simple. Study, study and study again. He who seeks will find. Listen, think, read, watch, love this work and do not fear perfection, because it does not threaten us (S. Dali).

Be demanding of yourself, but do not over-criticize yourself! Everything should be in moderation. As I wrote in a previous article, a less talented person often plays an order of magnitude better than a person who is very gifted by nature, but who has little faith in his abilities.

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